Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shannon Moore’s work for animals leaves an imprint that transcends her death.

Although Katrina ravaged her own home and possessions, Shannon looked into the eyes of forgotten animals and saw hope. She never viewed animal storm victims as a finite problem, but rather, as part of a continuum to elevate animal welfare standards in Louisiana.

Shannon planned and carried out a People & Pets March to Louisiana’s state capitol in Baton Rouge.

She was instrumental in rallying support and awareness about SB-607, Louisiana’s Pet Evacuation Bill. Working with Kinship Circle’s Brenda Shoss, press releases, PSAs, alerts, flyers, and action campaigns were streamlined into a non-stop push to pass a bill that ensures no pets are left behind in the next disaster.

On behalf of the animals she loved, Shannon formed (SOS) Supporters of Save Our Pets, and worked tirelessly to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of hurricane stranded animals. Shannon volunteered for food/water programs to sustain displaced pets and strays in the streets. She advocated spay/neuter drives to help curb a pet overpopulation crisis worsened by roaming animals in the aftermath of last year’s storms.

Shannon realized most of the lost souls she comforted knew warm laps, familiar voices and homes before the hurricanes. She became a Stealth Volunteer to assist in reunions between pets and their people.

Horses were Shannon’s great love, and to help them she created the HayThere group to assist hay producers and consumers via an online marketplace for hay and feed goods.

One of Shannon’s great gifts was an innate ability to bring information, people, transports and supplies together. If all else failed, she'd hop into a vehicle and deliver the feed/supplies herself. It is difficult to estimate
the huge quantity of food and supplies she moved for large and small animals struggling to survive in Gulf Coast areas. She was a one-woman information clearinghouse. Any animal rescue group who needed statistics, a news story, or contact information counted on Shannon.

Shannon practiced compassion in an unassuming way that never called for recognition or accolades. She simply embraced the lives of people and animals as if they were her own. Shannon Moore was a friend, daughter, wife, and angel for animals. We’ll feel her presence in her many great achievements. Still, we will miss her everyday.



We have all been blessed to have such a huge human being touch our lives. HeR work will never be forgotten, warm and sincere memories are what the tools that walk us through our daily lives.

God bless and wrap your arms around our hearts that we may stay strong to fight beliefs and continued rescue efforts for god's animals that bring us love in our saddest and happiest moments.

I pray so hard that we may unite and bring peace, love and brothership to one another, this will be God's will.

Friday, June 09, 2006 11:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you would like to light a candle for Shannon, go here

Sunday, December 03, 2006 12:08:00 AM  

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